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熟詞生義 一詞多義
1.act vi.起作用 (熟義:行動)
It takes a couple of minutes for the drug to act.只需幾分鐘,藥物就起作用了。
2.add vt.接著說,又說 (熟義:加)
“They don't know.”he added.“他們不知道?!彼又终f。
3.address vt.①稱呼 (熟義:地址鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,寫地址)
The president should be addressed as“Mr President.”總統應稱為“總統先生”。
She turned to address the man on her left.她轉身過去,向她左邊的那人講話。
He is going to address the meeting in a minute.他一會兒就要在大會上講話了。
③探討,處理 The article addresses the problems of diseases connected with malnutrion.
4.admit vt.①允許進入 ②容納 (熟義:承認)
The servant opened the door and admitted me(into the house)仆人打開門,并請我進去。
The theatre only admits 1,000persons.這個劇場只能容納一千人鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载。
5.against prep.襯著,迎著鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,靠著 (熟義:反對,違背)
The picture looks good against the white wall.這幅畫在潔白的墻的襯托下顯得很好看。
6.agree with 與……一致,協調,適合 (熟義:同意)
Your story agrees with what I heard.你講的與我所聽到的一致鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载。
Long plane trips don't agree with me.我不適合坐飛機長途旅行。
7.arm n.武器v.武裝 (熟義:n.手臂)
Lay down your arms or we'll fire!放下武器,否則,我們就開槍了鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载!
8.attend vt.&vi.看護,治療 (熟義:出席)
Dr.Paria Lal attends him.Paria Lal醫生在治療他鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载。
If you go out,who'll attend to the baby?如果你走了,誰來照看嬰兒?
9. admire v. 欣賞鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,觀賞 (熟義:欽佩鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,羨慕)
We stopped half way up the hill to admire the view. 我們上山中途停下來欣賞風景。
10. afford v. 提供,給予 (熟義:承擔得起)
The window affords a beautiful out over the city. 窗外可以看到城市的美麗景色。
11.back vt.支持 (熟義:n.背)
Many of his friends backed his plan.他的許多朋友支持他的計劃鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载。
12.badly adv.迫切 (熟義:壞)
The boy badly wants a new bike.這男孩非常想要一輛新自行車。
13.before conj.才;就 (熟義:以前)
It was a long time before I got to sleep again.過了很久我才再睡著。
I hadn't waited long before he came.我沒有等多久鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,他就來了。
14.break down(計劃)失敗,堅持不下去 [熟義:(機器等)壞了]
All our plans broke down.我們所有的計劃都破滅了。
15.bring v.引起 (熟義:帶來)
The cries brought the neighbors running.哭聲使鄰居跑了過來。
16.build n.身材,體型 (熟義:v.修建)
The football player has a solid build.足球運動員體格健壯。
17.cause n.事業 (熟義:n.起因,v.引起)
The UN has done a lot for the cause of world peace.聯合國為世界和平事業做了許多貢獻。
18.chance n.可能性v.碰巧 (熟義:機會)
There is a chance that I will see him.可能我會遇見他鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载。
We chanced to be out when she called.當她打電話時,我們恰好不在家。
19.company n.有人作伴鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载;陪伴; (熟義:公司)
You may know a man by the company he keeps.你可以從一個人所交的朋友了解他的為人。
He came in company with a group of girls.他是和一群女孩子來的。
20.concert n.協作,一致vt.商議 (熟義:音樂會)
The various governments decided to act in concert over this matter.
The team made a concerted effort to win the game.這支球隊齊心協力力爭贏這場比賽鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载。
21. cost vt.使失去(生命鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载、健康等) (熟義:花費;值……)
The patient's dangerous condition cost the doctors and nurses many a sleepless night.
22. contemporary 同一時期的,同一時代的 (熟義:當代的)
Shakespeare was not contemporary with Dickens.
23.count vi.重要; vt.認為 [熟義:數(數目)]
Every minute counts.每分每秒都重要。
On the whole she counted herself a fortunate wife.總的說來鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,她自認為還是一個幸運的人。
24. cover v.走完(一段路)鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,夠付(費用),看完(多少頁書);涉及;報導(熟義:覆蓋)
Here is £5;that should cover all your expenses.這兒有5英鎊,應該夠付你所有的開支。
25. claim ①宣稱,聲稱,斷言 ②索要,認領 ③ 奪走….生命
A man claiming to be a journalist threatened to reveal details about her private life...
They intend to claim for damages against the three doctors.
Heart disease is the biggest killer, claiming 180,000 lives a year.
26. check ① 檢查,核對 ② 控制,抑制 = control
Higher interest rates will check public spending. 高利率會抑制公眾消費。
keep/hold …. in check 控制某人/某物
1.Careless driving cost him his life.
2.The brake wouldn't act鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,so there was an accident.
3.The President gave an address to the nation over the radio.
4.This ticket will admit three to the film.
5.The national flag stands out brightly against the blue sky.
6.For businessmen what counted was money..
7.It wasn't long before his new car broke down.
8.This type of suit doesn't agree with your build.
9.It chanced that the rain came on when we started out.
10.I have company this evening.
11.The teacher asked the students to read the text in concert.
12.Hospitals receive $10,000 per donor to cover the costs of the operating room,doctors and nurses.
27.desert vt.離開,拋棄n.應得的賞罰 (熟義:沙漠)
We sheltered from the storm in a deserted hut. 我們在一間空無人住的茅屋里躲暴風雨。
28.date A.日期 B.追溯 C.棗子 D.約會
The ancient temple has a long history and can date back to the year 1890AD.How wonderful it is!
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“date”鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载?_________.
29.develop A.染上 B.發展 C.沖洗 D.開發 (熟義:發展;開發)
It is really a bad news that after his father died last year his mother develops a terrible disease this year!How sad he is now!
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“develop”?_________.
30.do A.將就,行 B.(表示強調)真地 (熟義:做鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,制作)
—Which do you prefer,coffee or tea?
—Either will do.It makes no difference for me.
Which one is the correct meaning of the second“do”?_________.
31.draw A.打平 B.吸引 C.吸取 D.畫 (熟義:畫)
Ladies and gentlemen鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,may I draw your attention to me?I have an important announcement to make. Which one is the correct meaning of the word“draw”鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载?_________.
32.drive A.使 B.驅趕 (熟義:駕駛)
Do you have any idea what has driven him mad鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载?
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“drive”?_________.
33. domestic A.國內的鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,家庭的 B.喜愛操持家務的
...over 100 domestic flights a day to 15 UK destinations.
She was kind and domestic and put her family before her part-time job.
(the key: 33-38 BCADBA)
34.easy adj.舒適的,安分的,輕松的 (熟義:容易的)
Now we are leading an easy life.現在我們過著舒適的生活。
35.escape v.被忘記 (熟義:逃走)
His name escaped me for the moment.我一時想不起他的名字了。
36.eat one's words 收回前言,認錯道歉(切勿望文生義,解為“食言”)
He boasted that he would throw me downstairs;but I made him eat his words.
37.employ A.雇傭 B.使用
My father employs more people during the harvest. Can you tell me how to employ the word correctly?
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“employ”?_________.
38.enter A.進入, 加入 B.報名
Have you entered yourself for the sports meet to be held next week鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载?
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“enter”?_________.
39.equal A.等于,相當 B.比得上 C. 稱職
Nothing can equal the pleasure of drinking a cold drink on a cold summer day.
I’m not sure he is equal to the task.
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“equal”?_________.
40.even A.有規律的 B.平坦的 C.甚至 D.公平的
Everything is evenly arranged at present. Don't be too worried.
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“even”?_________.
41.excuse A.免除 B.借口 C.原諒
Living in the country can excuse you from the worry of the heavy traffic and the polluted environment.
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“excuse”?_________.
42.expect A.預計 B.盼望 C.希望
The weather turns out far better than we expected.Now we have got used to it.
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“expect”鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载?_________.
43.express A.表達 B.高速的 C. n.快車 (熟義:v.表達)
It was in that express way that the traffic accident happened.
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“express”?_________
His wish was that you should come here by express train.
( the key to 43-52 ACDBAAABBA)
44.fail v.①不足,缺乏;忽略 ②功能衰退 (熟義:失敗,不及格)
Our water supply failed.我們供水不足了。
He never fails to write to his mother every month.他從來不忘記每月寫信給他的母親。
My grandfather’s eyesight is failing as he grows old. 我祖父隨著年齡變老視力在衰退。
45.far from 遠遠不是 (熟義:離……遠)
The show was far from being a failure; it was a great success.
46.figure v.認為,想象 (熟義:n.數字鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载;雕塑鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,人物)
She figured that she would be next.她認為她可能就是下一個。
I couldn't figure out what he meant.我不明白他是什么意思。
47.flood n.大量的東西鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载;vt.大量而來,充滿 (熟義:洪水)
I received a flood of letters this morning.今天早上我收到大量的信件。
48.freeze v.不許動,停止走動(熟義:凍結,凍冰)
Freeze!Drop your arms!不許動鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,放下武器!
49.for good 永遠
She'll soon leave London for good.她將永遠離開倫敦。
50.foreign 不熟悉;和……格格不入 (熟義:外國的)
The subject is foreign to me.我不熟悉這門學科鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载。
51.free 沒有,免交;遠離(常與of連用)(熟義:自由的,有空的)
Most of the roads are free of snow.道路上的雪大部分都已化了。
52.favor A.關愛 B.贊成 C.幫忙
Will you please do me the favor to work out the maths problem ?It is too difficult for me.
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“favor”鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载?_________
in favor of 決定選擇某物 (熟義:支持,贊成)
Plans for a tunnel were rejected in favor of a bridge. 修建隧道的計劃被否決,轉而選擇修建橋梁。
53.get away with (做壞事)不受懲罰 (熟義:帶著……逃跑)
The child ought to be punished.You shouldn't let him get away with telling lies.
54.get down to 著手干某事(勿望文生義)
It's time I got down to marking the papers.是我開始批改試卷的時候了。
55.get through 用完鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载;(使)通過(考試、議案) [熟義:接通(電話)]
He got through £300in a week.他一周就用完了三百英鎊。
56.give away 泄露(機密);暴露(身份);出賣(朋友) (熟義:贈送)
Please don't give my secret away.請不要泄露我的機密。
57.give out 宣布;被用完鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载; [熟義:散發(傳單)等]
He gave out that he was going to America.他宣布他要去美國。
The fuel gave out.燃料用完了鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载。
58.given(=considering) prep.考慮到 (熟義:被給予)
Given the general state of his health鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,it may take him a while to recover from the operation.
59.go v.被放置;相配;變得更糟 (熟義:去,離開)
The sofa can go against the wall.沙發可靠墻安放。
Pink and orange don't go.粉紅色與橘色不相配。
He is getting old and his sight is starting to go .他老了,視力也下降了。
60.as good as 差不多,幾乎 (熟義:與……一樣好)
He as good as said I was a liar.他實際上等于說我在說謊。
61.ground n.理由 (熟義:地面)
He has strong grounds for more money.他完全有理由要更多的錢。
62.happen v.碰巧=chance (熟義:發生)
It happened that the new person in the office was the woman he had met at the party.
63.head v.動身去 (熟義:頭)
The ship was heading for Shanghai.這艘船開往上海。
64.help v.避免,抑制 (熟義:幫助)
Don't tell him more than you can help.不要把不該告訴他的話告訴他鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载。
65.home adj.本國的( 熟義:家)
The cars are made for the home market.這些小車生產出來在國內銷售鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载。
66.hold v.①容納 ②支撐(重量)鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,能承受 ③保持( 熟義:握鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载;拿;舉行)
The case can hold all my clothes.這個箱子可以裝得下我所有的衣服鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载。
Careful! I’m not sure that branch will hold you. 小心鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载!我覺得那根樹枝承受不了你的重量。
hold one’s attention/ interest 使某人保持興趣/注意力
67.hold on 繼續堅持做(難做之事) (熟義:別掛斷;等一等)
They didn't know if they would be able to hold on until help arrived.
68.hold out 夠用;堅持(抵抗) (熟義:伸出)
The people of Hechuan held out for 36 years on the Fishing Castle.
He __________ his wife and children and went abroad.
2.夠了。That will __________ .
Scientists are still digging,still making discoveries that __________ tourists to Pom peii.(2002年鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,北京春閱讀A篇)
4.他根本不快樂鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载。He is __________ __________ happy.
5.屋子里充滿了陽光鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载。Sunlight __________ the room .
Tim and his neighbors are doing something to make their neighborhood a trouble-__________ area.(2002北京春完形)
I __________ and listened:someone was in my room .
His secretary __________ __________ what he was saying.
You must __________ __________ __________ your work after the holidays.
10.他考試沒有及格鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载。He didn't __________ __________ the exam .
Holiday-makers who are bored with baking beaches and overheated hotel rooms __________ __________ a big igloo.(2001NMET閱讀B篇)
__________ __________ a second while I get my car out.I'll run you home.
The water won't __________ __________ much longer.
1.deserted 2.do 3.draw 4.express 5.far from 6.flooded 7.free 8.froze 9.get down to 10.get through
11.head for 12.Hold on 13.hold out
69. industry n.努力鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,勤勉 (熟義:工業)
His success was due to industry.他的成功是由于他工作努力。
70.interest n.利益;利息;股份;同業者 (熟義:興趣)
Don't look after your own interests.不要只顧自己的利益鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载。
It's in /to your interest(s)to work hard.努力工作對你有利。
I have an interest in the company.我在公司有股份。
71.disinterested adj.公正無私的(勿望文生義)
His action was not altogether disinterested.他的行為不完全公正。
72.introduce v.以……開始 (熟義:介紹、引進)
He introduced his speech with a joke.他的演講以一個笑話開始鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载。
73.invite v.招引,招致 (熟義:邀請)
Don't leave the windows open——it's inviting thieves to enter.
74.Keep vt.管理;經營,照顧鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载;養活;飼養;售賣;遵守;慶祝(熟義:保持,保留)
Her grandfather kept a hair dresser's shop.她爺爺經營過理發店。
She kept her sister's children.她為她姐姐照顧過孩子。
He needs more money to keep his wife and children.他需要更多的錢來養活老婆和孩子。
——Do you sell school things?有文具賣嗎?
——Sorry,but we don't keep them.對不起鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,我們不賣這些。
Everyone must keep the law.人人得遵守法律。
We keep the Spring Festival at home.我們在家過春節。
75.knock vt.批評,說……不好 (熟義:敲,打)
The critics knocked his latest play.評論家抨擊了他最近的戲劇。
76.at large逍遙自在地,逍遙法外;詳盡地鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载;普遍地;隨便地(勿望文生義)
The suspect is still at large.嫌疑犯仍逍遙法外。
Boys at large like games.一般說來鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,男孩喜歡運動。
77.last adj.最不可能的v.延續鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,夠用(多久) (熟義:最后的)
He is the last person to tell a lie.他極不可能說謊。
Her holidays were to last six weeks.她的假有六周。
The food will last(us)(for)three weeks.這些糧食可夠(我們)吃三周。
78.lay vt.向……提出;制定鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载;生(蛋) (熟義:放,擺設)
The prisoner laid an escape plan.那囚犯制定了一個越獄計劃。
It's laid down in the Act that women and men have the equal rights.法案規定男女享受平等的權利鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载。
79.learn v.聽到鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,獲悉 (熟義:學習)
I learned of that yesterday.我昨天才得知此事。
80.lecture n.&v.訓斥鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,教訓(批評) (熟義:演講)
My father gave me a lecture for smoking.因為吸煙我爸爸訓斥了我一通。
81.lead vt.致使 n.鉛 (熟義:領導,引導,通向)
What led you to think so?是什么使你這樣想呢?
82.let down 辜負,使失望 (熟義:放下來)
He said he would be here by 12o'clock, but he let us down.
83.liberal adj.慷慨的,豐盛的 (熟義:開明的,自由的)
He is liberal with his money.他用錢大方鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载。
My father gave a liberal amount of money each week.我老爸每周都要給我一大筆錢鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载。
84.life n.活力,勁頭 (熟義:生活)
The children are full of life.這些孩子們充滿了活力鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载。
85.not on your life無論如何也不(勿望文生義)
“Do you appreciate it?”“Not on your life.”你喜歡它嗎?一點也不喜歡鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载。
86.lift n.搭便車,鼓舞 (熟義:電梯)
Can you give me a lift to the station?我能搭個便車去車站嗎鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载?
His report gave us a great lift.他的報告使我們深受鼓舞。
lift v.消散;撤銷(限制) (熟義:舉起)
Jan's depression seemed to be lifting at last.吉安總算沒有失望的情緒了。 lift the ban/restriction
87.in a…light以……目光鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,對……有……看法(勿望文生義)
There was Brian,pushing the pram,and I suddenly saw him in a new light.
88.see the light一下子明白,開竅;問世(勿望文生義)
He explained his reason and then I saw the light.他解釋原因之后,我一下子就明白了。
89.late A.晚的 B.末期的 C.以前的 D.已故的 (熟義:遲到的鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,晚的)
The late Premier Zhou is respected by all the people in the world.
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“late”? ____
90.long A.盼望 B.長 C.長久
We are longing for him to come back as soon as possible.
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“long”? ____
91.manage A.管理 B.成功 C.對付
The box is very light.I can manage it on my own.But thank you all the same.Which one is the correct meaning of the word“manage”? ____
92.march A.三月 B.行軍 C.前進
Long March was the turning point of the Chinese Revolution.
We marched 500 km across the foothills.
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“march”? ____
93.master A.主人 B.掌握 C.大師
The country was ruled by France and Italy one after another and then it became its own master in 1861.Which one is the correct meaning of the word“master”鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载? ____
94.mean A.卑鄙的 B.意味著 C.打算
He is so mean and selfish that it is very difficult to make friends with him.Which one is the correct meaning of the word“mean”? ____
95.object A.物體 B.賓語 C.反對
You are brave enough to object to your boss at the meeting.I think you should tell the truth.I will support you for ever. Which one is the correct meaning of the word“object”鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载? ____
96.observe A.觀察 B.慶祝 C.遵循
The traffic rules should be observed strictly鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,otherwise you will get into trouble.Which one s the correct meaning of the word“observe”? ____
97.operate A.動手術 B.管理 C.經營
“When will the patient be operated on鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载?”“No moment can be spared now.”Which one is the correct meaning of the word “operate”鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载? ____
98.order A.次序 B.命令 C.訂購
Everything will be in order soon.Just have a little patience.
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“order”鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载?_____
99. otherwise A.否則的話鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,要不然 B.用別的方式鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,不同地
He should have been working, but he was otherwise engaged. 應該在工作鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,而他卻干別的事。
100.post A.郵寄 B.崗位 C.柱 D 發帖子 n. 帖子(網)
My brother is applying for an important post in a company.
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“post”鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载?_____
101.present A.vt. 提出; 介紹; 贈送給……禮物 B.禮物 C.現在的 D.出席的鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,在場的
Most scientists who can present evidence of an environmental threat can reasonably assume that a pressure group will take up the issue.
The present controversy dates from 1986. 現在的這一爭議始于1986年鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载。
The people present at the meeting put forward a lot of useful suggestion
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“present”?_____
102.promise A.答應 B.諾言 C.有希望
The promising youth is said to be gifted in music.
He promises to be a musician in the near future.
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“promise”?_____
103. practice n. 實踐,慣常做法
A school dental service exists in theory, but in practice, there are few dentists to work in them.
Some firms have cut workers 'pay below the level set in their contract, a practice that is illegal in Germany.
104.raise A.舉起 B.飼養 C.引起
The cattle are raised in large numbers on the farm.
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“raise”?_____
105.reach A.到達 B.達到 C.伸手去拿 D.手接觸的范圍
The apple hanging on the wall is out of my reach.
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“reach”?_____
106.rest A.休息 B.剩余 C.停止 D.依靠
The matter cannot rest there—I demand an apology.
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“rest”?_____
107.rough A.粗糙 B.困難 C.粗魯的
I'm afraid the maths problem is too rough for me to work out.
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“rough”?_____
108. recall A.回憶 B.召回
I recall every detail of the party.
In 2006, Sony had to recall 9.6 million laptop batteries because some of them tended to burst into flames.
109. save 使….免去 (熟義 節省,節約)
If you could lend me $10, it would save me a trip to the bank.
110. slip A.滑;滑倒 He had slipped on an icy pavement...
B. 迅速而悄無聲息地走(到某處);溜(到某處)
Amy slipped downstairs and out of the house...
She slipped into the driving seat and closed the door.
111.state A.狀態 B.州 C.陳述
The whole house is in a bad state.Why don’t you have a thorough cleaning鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载?
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“state”?_____
112. strength A.力量,力氣 B.優點鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,長處
He pulled the lightened sled with all his strength.
And as long as he can maintain his strength and does not do anything immoral and illegal, they can choose their own way to live and we should not interfere and attack them.
113. symbol A.符號 B.象征
Although smoking is considered as a bad habit but in some communities it is considered as the status symbol.
114. skip A. 跳過 B.省略 skip breakfast 不吃早飯
115. rush A. 沖,奔鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,急速行動[C] B.激增,大量[S][(+of)]
A sudden rush of business kept us on the go.
116.taste A.嘗 B.口味 C.嘗起來
This book is much to my taste.I decide to read it once more.
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“taste”?_____
117.tie A.綁 B.領帶 C.與……有聯系
It is tied to the event that happened last week.
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“tie”?_____
118.trick A. 詭計;騙局;花招 B.竅門,招數 C.vt. 哄騙
He got into the castle by a trick.
Daily practice is the trick in learning a foreign language.
They tricked me into making a mistake.
119.watch A.監視 B.觀看 C. 當心
Watch out for the fire when you are cooking in the kitchen.
Which one is the correct meaning of the word“watch”?_____
1. (2013天津卷) 7. While she was in Paris, she developed a ________ for fine art.
A. way B. relation C. taste D. habit
2. [2014?福建卷] —Could you tell me the________ of making such tasty cakes?
—Well, I just follow the directions in the cookbook.
A. feature B. plan C. cost D. trick
3.(2015浙江卷) One of the most effective ways to reduce is to talk about feelings with someone you trust.
A. production B. stress C. energy D. power
4. (2015蘇錫常鎮二模) — Why do you choose to work in an international travel agency?
— Well, you know, English is my____. So it is my best choice.
A. talent B. strength C. ability D. skill
5. (2015蘇錫常鎮一模) Since it is common to copy others’ designs, the Council of Fashion Designers has recently urged the governmentto pass laws to protect designers’ rights.
A. practice B. standard C. sense D. activity
6. (2013蘇錫常鎮一模) As expected, the boy who shows great in playing badminton has been admitted to the sport university for his talent.
A. requirement B. respect C. addiction D. promise
7. (2015南京二模) 31. Estella showed me the way with a candle. When she opened the side entrance, the_______ of the daylight quite confused me.
A. trend B. rush C. crash D. increase
8. (2014南京三模)22. In March, cherry blossoms(櫻花)on both sides of East Beijing Road give the city of Nanjing an early ________ of spring.
A. taste   B. theme  C. sense   D. setting
9.(2014江蘇卷)32. I can't meet you on Sunday. I'll be occupied.
A. also B. just C. nevertheless D. otherwise
10. (2014江西卷)23 Thanks for your directions to the house; we wouldn’t have found it ___.
A. nowhere B. however C. otherwise D. instead
11.(2015蘇北四市一模)---Sharon, many experts believe that the two pictures are roughly _______.
---I don't quite agree, The painting styles may look very similar but their painters were bom in quite different dynasties.
A. conventional B. contradictory C. contemporary D. conservative
12. (2015蘇錫常鎮二模) Nowadays mobile internet devices are pushing up demands for online education, which makes people see it as one of the most ____ new market.
A. demanding B. confidential C. promising D. controversial
13.(2009鎮江一模)If you want to see a doctor,you should make an appointment with him in advance.That is a common ________ in the U.S..
A.habit B.practice C.tradition D.custom
14. (2015 南京三模) --- Cathy, in my opinion, is very __________.
--- Absolutely! She prefers home life to going out.
A. domestic B. energetic C. dynamic D. enthusiastic
15. (2015南京二模)24. —Do you think he is the only person for the job?
—I’m not quite sure but he’ll prove_______ to the task.
A. equal B. essential C. special D. superior
16. [2014?安徽卷] Shakespeare's writing is still popular today. It has really ________ the test of time.
A. failed B. stood C. taken D. conducted
17.(2013南京、鹽城一模) —Tonight’s negotiation _______ to be a difficult one.
--I can’t agree more. Both sides are stubborn and will fight for their own benefits.
A. intends B. sounds C. promises D. prepares
18.(2015蘇北四市一模)Many local citizens wrote to the mayor, complaining that the police were always failing to take adequate measures to ________ the growth in crime.
A. decline B. quit C. reject D. check
19.(2014徐州一模)I did enjoy the training on a ver y small island, for it_______ me plenty of time for reflection.
A. accelerated B. afforded C. affected D. allocated
20.(2014蘇錫常鎮一模) ---The online shopkeeper has apologized for his bad behaviour.
---Ok. If you're still not satisfied, you can _______ compensation.
A. claim B. afford C. sacrifice D. dismiss
21.(2013南京二模)She wanted to ask if he had news of Williams鸿鑫彩票|手机app下载,but words___in her throat.
A. burst   B. stuck   C. broke  D. settled
22.(2014南京二模) I was once ashamed to admit my weakness but now I have no such feeling and I ______ myself much discomfort.
A. bring B. offer C. save D. promise
23. (2015南京二模) It might have_______ your notice but I am very busy at the moment.
A. quit B. neglected C. escaped D. denied
24. (2015南京二模) The frozen waterfall has attracted floods of tourists to_______ the natural beauty.
A. cherish B. admire C. observe D. discover
25. (2014南京三模) The media actually can play a positive role in___consumer issues in some new areas, such as e-commerce and online finance services, which aren't fully covered by current laws.
A. adjusting   B. announcing   C. addressing   D. acknowledging
26.(2015蘇北二模) Children enjoying parents’ ___________ during their growth tend to have better living habits than left-behind children.
A. company B. compromise C. command D. comprehension
27.(2015蘇錫常鎮二模) One well of the oil field was still burning with huge fire twisting crazily ______the night sky.
A. in B. on C. against D. across
28. (2015蘇錫常鎮一模) Though China’s GDP growth marked the slowest since 2009. It was still within the reasonable range set by policy-makers and market expectation.
A. in line with B. in connection with C. in conflict with D. in parallel with
29. (2015 南京三模)32. To survive in the world, we have to act _______ others, but to survive as ourselves, we have to act alone.
A. in honor of B. in concert with C. in light of D. in contact with
30. (2015南京二模) 28. He abandoned teaching_______ a career as a musician.
A. in favor of B. in terms of C with regard to D. with reference to
31.(2011新課標卷34)William found it increasingly difficult to read, for his eyesight was beginning to _______. .
A. disappear B. fall C. fail D. damage
32. (2016徐州一檢)Fine violins by skilled old Italians can ______ hundreds of thousands of dollars, andprices still keep rising.
A. withdraw B. fetch C. deposit D. charge
1. (南京市,鹽城市2015高三一模33)You’re not ____ to unemployment benefit if you have never worked.
A. accustomed B. resigned C. entitled D. submitted
2. [2014?江蘇卷] Top graduates from universities are ________ by major companies.
A. chased B. registered C. offered D. compensated
3. [2014?江蘇卷] She was put under house arrest two years ago but remained a powerful ________ in last year's election.
A. symbol B. portrait C. identity D. statue
4.(2015浙江卷)Studies have shown that the right and left ear ________sound differently.
A. produce B. pronounce C. process D. download
5.(2015浙江卷) One of the most effective ways to reduce is to talk about feelings with someone you trust.
A. production B. stress C. energy D. power
6. (2013蘇錫常鎮一模) 一How do you understand that education is not an end, but a(n) an end, pro fessor?
一We do not educate children only for the purpose of educating them but for fitting them for life.
A. error to B. means to C. answer for D. reason for
7. (2014南京二模) One of the characteristics that make me different from many people is my adaptability-I’m _______ and comfortable in new or unusual situations.
A. acceptable B. respectable C. reliable D. flexible
8.(2013江西卷)She _____ the carpet with some very nice curtains in color.
A. connected B. fitted C. equipped D. matched.
9. [2014?江蘇卷] Legend has it that the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival is to ________ the soul of Qu Yuan.
A. remember B. remind C. recover D. recall
10. [2008?福建卷] What's the _____ of having a public open space where you can't eat, drink or even simply hang out for a while?
A .sense B. matter C. case D. opinion
10.(2011浙江卷9) The professor could tell by the ___________look in Maria’s eyes that she didn’t understand a single word of his lecture
A. cold B. blank C. innocent D. fresh
11.(2011浙江卷16)My schedule is very ______ right now, but I’ll try to fit you in.
A. tight B. short C. regular D. flexible
12.(2011福建卷30)Nowadays, ____ increase in children’s creativity, for they are greatly encouraged to develop their talents.
A. sharp B.slight C.natural D.modest
13.(2011福建卷28)I’d prefer to____ my judgement until I find all the evidence.
A. show B. express C. pass D. reserve
14.(2014 湖北23.) Seeing the big crowd coming towards him, he started to run down the hill, but ______ and went down on his hands and knees in the melting snow.
A. slipped B. skied C. signalled D. sank
15.(2014 湖北24.) The old rules have to be ______ because they only applied to the circumstances that existed when they were made a hundred years ago.
A. developed B. established C. observed D. revised
16. When asked how he came up with the excellent idea, he said one of his childhood experiences was the original _____ to begin his story.
A. application B. evaluation C. creation D. inspiration
17.(2013南京、鹽城一模)If you drop all your friends because you are in power, _______ are that they will drop you too because you are not reliable.
A. chances B. opportunities C. questions D. problems
18. With inspiration from other food cultures, American food culture can take a ____ for the better.
A. share B. chance C. turn D. lead
19. The Well Hotel stands in a quiet place the main road at the far end of the lake.
A. to B. for C. off D. out
20. She has already tried her best. Please don’t be too _____ about her job.
A. special B. responsible C. unusual D. particular
21. (2010全國Ⅱ)The island is ____ attractive in spring and autumn because of the pleasant weather in both seasons.
A. partly B. merely C. nearly D. equally
22. (2008浙江)There are plenty of jobs ___ in the western part of the country.
A.present B.available C.precious D.convenient
23. (2007 天津)The final score of the basketball match was 93-94.We were only _____ beaten.
A. nearly B. slightly C. narrowly D. lightly
24. (2007 天津)0-00 A new______ bus service to Tianjin Airport started to operate two months ago.
A. normal B. usual C. regular D. common
25. (2008遼寧) You have to be a fairly good speaker to ______ listeners’ interest for over an hour.
A. hold B. make C. improve D. receive
26. (2008山東) The fact that she never apologized _____ a lot about what kind of person she is.
A. says B. talks C. appears D. declares
27. ( 2009山東)— Do you have enough to _____ all your daily expenses?
— Oh yes, enough and to spare.
A. cover B. spend C. fill D. offer
28. ---Will you be _________ this evening, Mary?
---That depends. I am afraid I will be with my manager together discussing a plan.
A. convenient B. suitable C. available D. efficient
29. A new ______ to teaching the English languages is being used here, and it has turned out to be very helpful to the students.
A. way B. means C. approach D. method
30. A good idea was ______ by the local government that all the ancient paintings in the ruined temples should be protected right now.
A. adapted B. adopted C. absorbed D. abused
31. This new kind of chemical will help keep the air, soil and water________ from pollution.
A.empty B.free C.loose D.short
32.Due to the ________of this medical technology, some diseases can be treated at an early stage.
A.approach B.appreciation C.application D.appointment
33. Last week, I tried to contact all former classmates, but one or two ____ through the Internet.
(南通市2015屆第一次調研 32)
A. slid B. slipped C. skipped D. squeezed
34. The two organizations will arrange a one-year seminar and ____ it with a report on their in-depth studies and research findings.(2015年徐州市英語三檢 33 )
A. conclude B. summarize C. deduce D. infer
35.(2015蘇北三市三模)The only way to live happily with others is to _________ their faults and admire their virtues.
A. overlook B. justify C. clarify D. acknowledge



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